Monthly Archives: November 2010

Project Update: POLAND

The PGE team are keen to continue collaborative development, signaling significant alignment with internal priorities in terms of the need for advanced coal drying solutions. Continue Reading >

Victoria Coldry Project Update

“We are very confident of the technical and economic feasibility of the Coldry process. We are fully engaged with this project and are satisfied all appropriate commercial and engineering considerations are falling into place,” Mr. Linh Vu Dac, Project Director, TinCom Continue Reading >

Newsletter: October 2010

Since our last newsletter in early June, we’ve delivered the next step in our Victoria Coldry project; the signing of the binding licence agreement with TinCom on 25 June. The complexities and nuances of advancing the commercialisation of a disruptive, high capex, long-lead time, first-of-a-kind technology such as Coldry with a foreign partner mean the… Continue Reading >