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Australians hit with $7b energy bill

Earlier this week, Bluescope Steel’s outgoing Managing Director Paul O’Malley delivered a scathing assessment of the economic cost to Australian’s of current energy policy. “The increase in domestic gas prices since 2015 has cost Australian gas users approximately $3.5 billion per annum. For electricity, the cost to users of rising electricity prices is over $3.7… Continue Reading

Gas supply shortage opens door to cleaner coal

Gas pricing continues to be a hot topic. Yesterdays article in The Australian (link below $) highlighted the lead times associated with delivering increased gas supply. Former Energy & Resources Minister, Ian Macfarlane, now head of the Queensland Resources Council, noted the high price and constrained supply of gas worked to ensure coal had a… Continue Reading

Minerals Council loses voice of reason

You know the old saying; never let the facts get in the way of a good story. When it comes to energy policy, this seems to be the prevailing approach for those seeking to generate and maintain subsidies for otherwise expensive and unreliable wind and solar. The Minerals Council of Australia, led by Brendan Pearson… Continue Reading

No quick fix for Victoria’s gas woes

Energy policy is currently one of the hottest topics. The below article by The Australian’s Matt Chambers continues to highlight the current opportunity for solid fuel products in the Victorian market. Chambers highlights the challenge in responding to the shortage, noting there’s no quick fix for Victoria’s gas woes. For decades, Victoria was the largest… Continue Reading

AEMO forecasts energy shortfall

The looming energy crisis, which includes electricity outages and gas shortages, is receiving more focus on a daily basis. AEMO, our national energy market regulator, is forecasting a best case shortfall of 54 petajoules (PJ) of gas for the 2018 September quarter. For context, Aussie homes consume ~30 gigajoules (GJ) per year. A PJ is… Continue Reading

Power price rises to hit the cost of all goods and services

We’ll be paying an extra $10 to $12 billion for our energy this year. That’s $400 to $500 for ever man woman and child in Australia. According to the below article, published recently in The Australian, about $3 billion will hit our household energy bills and the other $9 billion will hit families indirectly, as… Continue Reading

SA Energy Minister Calls for Proposals to Generate Hydrogen

ECT has long supported the vision of developing a hydrogen economy in Australia to underpin the transition to a zero emissions future. The below article published by Adelaide Now reports on the South Australian governments call for people to “come to us with ideas about how to manufacture hydrogen in a green way.” SA has set… Continue Reading

Energy subsidies a hot topic at National conference

The National Party, at their recent national conference, have called on the government to scrap renewable subsidies. And while many suburbanites may snigger at the recent National Party annual federal conference vote to remove all subsidies from renewable energy (ABC news link below), they do raise an important issue. Energy affordability and security are serious… Continue Reading

Indian Coal Minister Goyal appointed to lead Railway Ministry

Over the past 4 years our engagement with the Indian government has grown, culminating earlier this year as our Integrated Coldry Demonstration and Matmor Pilot project advanced to the highest echelons of India’s project approval processes; NITI Aayog (National Institution for the Transformation of India Committee). Through that process we’ve established relationships with key government… Continue Reading