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BHP joins Bill Gates in backing technology to kill off CO2

The below article from The Sydney Morning Herald highlights BHP’s recent investment in Canada-based firm, Carbon Engineering. BHP has tipped in $6 million to join superstar physicist David Keith, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and oil sands magnate Norman Murray Edwards in developing a technology that the Guardian claims could make them ‘more money than they… Continue Reading >

ACCC boss slams gas suppliers for price woes

An article in yesterday’s ‘Age’ by Cole Latimer covers accusations by ACCC boss, Rod Sims, that the gas industry has treated domestic gas customers with contempt as they chase exports. Former federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson is blaming government policies for constraining supply. Let’s take a look at what’s happening and the potential opportunity this… Continue Reading >

Can wind and solar save the planet?

We’re told that, to save the planet from global warming we need to transition from coal and gas to wind and solar. The rhetoric tends to be dogmatic and renewables advocates never seem to concede a point, lest it be seen to undermine their broader demands. Which is why it came as a surprise recently… Continue Reading >

Coal exports fuel QLD economy

Coal exports fuel QLD economy

Queensland coal exports hit record highs. Greens Senator scrambles to fill the hole in their false ‘coal is dead’ narrative by demanding we stop sending our coal profits to multinationals and instead support ‘home grown’ wind and solar companies… which also happen to be subsidy-seeking multinationals. Continue Reading >

Not much gain, despite energy price pain

Australia has gone from having among the cheapest electricity in the world to being among the most expensive, laying a significant chunk of the blame squarely at the lack of ‘firming’ capacity, driven by perverse market interventions. Continue Reading >

Wind and solar can’t build or sustain a modern society

We’re often asked why we’re ‘anti-renewables’. Given our company name – Environmental Clean Technologies – it’s a fair question. The fact is, we’re not. We’re in favour of the ‘right’ amount of wind and solar for any particular electricity network. And that ‘right’ amount will vary depending on local resources and local market economics. Renewables… Continue Reading >

Is coal to blame for high power prices?

Sounds like a silly question. But there’s a recent push by renewables advocates to shift the blame for rapidly rising electricity prices. We’ll take a look at two recent articles leading the charge to shift the blame: Why coal – and not renewables – is root cause of surging Australia power prices (link) Renewable energy… Continue Reading >