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Brown coal the hydrogen economy stepping stone

The battleground has been defined: Green vs. Brown hydrogen. The Australian’s Ben Packham covers the topic in his recent article, below. Our Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel has come out in support of ‘green’ hydrogen while acknowledging the need to rely on ‘brown’ hydrogen as a stepping stone. Late last week the Federal and State government… Continue Reading

India’s energy poverty challenge

India faces the challenge of reconciling its energy needs as the world’s fastest-growing economy with the realities of its commitment to reduce emissions intensity. This was a key takeaway from last weeks 16th International Energy Forum. As the below article by Grace Gou in The DIplomat reports, India’s Prime Minister Modi didn’t hold back when it came to… Continue Reading

India makes room for more coal as rains fail

India is the fastest growing large economy in the world. Currently, 240 million Indian citizens don’t have access to electricity, and their population is projected to top 1.5Bn by 2030, up 180 million from 1.32Bn today. Key to supporting that growth is India’s National Electricity Plan, which calls for an additional 176,140 MW of capacity… Continue Reading

India’s cut to nuclear power target a boost for coal

India has cut its nuclear power target from 63GW to 22.48GW. Rather than providing 25% of India’s electricity, it will only provide about 8-10%. The reasons? The folks over at The Energy Collective website have a view: While the Department of Atomic Energy did not specify the reasons for the change, it is likely that… Continue Reading

Challenging our Paris Climate Agreement commitment

The below article ($) by Chris Kenny in yesterday’s edition of The Australian poses a question that’s sure to stir debate… does Australia’s Paris Climate Agreement target make sense? Kenny is scathing of the state of energy policy. Given the skyrocketing prices for both gas and electricity, it’s easy to see why. The article hones in… Continue Reading

85% jump in power prices following coal closure

The Australian Energy Regulator has released its report on the impact of the closure of Victoria’s Hazelwood brown coal power station (link). A flurry of green articles has appeared attempting to portray coal as ‘on the way out’ and renewables as more capable (and cheaper) than they really are. Here’s a couple of examples: Report:… Continue Reading

Hazelwood power station closure drives up bills, forces gas reliance

Anyone following the story of wholesale electricity price rises since the closure of Hazelwood power station won’t be surprised by the below article in yesterday’s Herald Sun ($). Key points: Household power bills have soared 16% since the abrupt closure of Hazelwood Wholesale power prices have jumped from being the cheapest in Australia to second… Continue Reading

Green reports intentionally misleading

There’s an information war underway… or a propaganda war, depending on your view. A robust debate on energy policy is essential to delivering a balanced outcome between reliability, affordability and emissions intensity. At stake is our standard of living. The cost of energy flows through to all goods and services. And given the recent unprecedented… Continue Reading

Helping India with its steel industry growth challenge

India is the place to be for ECT. It’s now the worlds fastest growing large economy. India’s ambition to grow its steel industry from 100 million tonnes to 300 million tonnes by 2030 is well known. Can it achieve such an ambitious target? There are challenges. We’ll touch on those in a moment, meanwhile, the… Continue Reading

$1.3bn hit as solar subsidies surge

Yesterday’s article by Joe Kelly in The Australian ($) has highlighted the cost of solar subsidies. Last year subsidies cost households and business $500 million. This year subsidies are tipped to hit $1.3 billion. There’s also a misconception by many that the government pays the subsidy when you purchase a solar system. They don’t. Joe… Continue Reading