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Hydrogen the next LNG?

If the latest report from Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel is anything to go by, Hydrogen could be the next LNG, and lignite (brown coal) will play a significant part. The Australian’s Simon Benson reports (link $): Chief Scientist Alan Finkel will deliver a series of recommen­dations to federal and state ­governments today on developing… Continue Reading

Something has gone terribly wrong with electricity prices

It’s unusual for the ABC to point out the unintended consequences of otherwise well-intentioned climate policy. The below article, featured today, highlights the outcome of attempts to lower our emissions intensity. Since 2008 power prices have risen 117 per cent, more than four times the average price increase across sectors. There was only one brief reprieve… Continue Reading

Household solar subsidies should be abolished

Lucy Percival over at the Grattan Insitute has written a great article on the recently released report by the ACCC. Key takeaways: The small-scale renewable energy scheme (SRES) should be abolished by 2021 State governments to fund solar feed-in tariffs through their budgets, rather than through consumers’ energy bills, improving fairness Solar schemes were well-intentioned… Continue Reading

Grattan Institute shares view on the NEG

We only need look at our skyrocketing electricity bills to know that balancing energy and climate policy has proven difficult. Energy policy is meant to deliver reliable, affordable electricity. Climate policy is designed to deliver lower emissions. Unfortunately, based on available technologies, the two objectives are incompatible. You can’t have cheap power and low emissions without… Continue Reading

Energy policy mess keeps producing unintended consequences

The below article in today’s AFR ($) highlights the unintended consequences of trying to balance energy and climate policy. The issue is the ‘energy trilemma’. Reliable. Affordable. Low-emissions. Pick any two. Contrary to what many would have us believe, renewables are not cheaper than coal. If they were they wouldn’t require a subsidy, which for wind… Continue Reading

Coal is (not so) dead

If headlines in the media are any gauge, you’d think coal was dead. Or at least, in serious decline. Here’s a typical example: ‘Coal is dead’: Neoen eyes another $4 billion in Australian investment’ – The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 May 2018 They are partly correct. There is no doubt, wind and solar will play an… Continue Reading

Germans rally against the country’s reliance on coal

Germans recently rallied against their country’s reliance on coal even as poor wind conditions drove price volatility. According to Deutsche Welle, the massive rallies were aimed at pressing the Angela Merkel administration two days before a state commission on coal consumption is to convene for the first time. The commission is tasked with finding a way… Continue Reading

The war for the electric vehicle

There is a war being waged in the race to develop the dominant platform for electric vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCV’s) vs. battery electric vehicle’s (BEV’s). On one hand, you have Tesla, which has staked its future on BEV’s. On the other, you have a global consortium investing big to develop HFCV’s and the supply… Continue Reading

Aussie High Commission Tweets ECT deal

In the largest ever joint R&D collaboration b/w Australia and India, the NLC India Limited & NMDC Limited have signed an MoU with Australia’s Environmental Clean Technologies Limited to develop a low emission Iron and Steel process. — Harinder Sidhu (@AusHCIndia) June 11, 2018   Continue Reading

Soaring power bills a key election issue

You can tell we’re heading toward a state election. Opposition leader Matthew Guy is seizing upon unprecedented power price hikes as he pitches his case to be the next to lead the state of Victoria. The fallout from the closure of Hazelwood continues as power prices triple for energy users like Doyle’s Bridge Hotel in Mordialloc.… Continue Reading