Process – Applications

The Coldry process and product offers the following benefits to different stakeholders:

To the owners of Brown Coal assets:

  • The ability to upgrade your otherwise single application asset
  • To open new applications at significantly higher values allowing new revenue streams
  • Allowing an asset revaluation to significantly higher levels

To Brown Coal power plants:

  • The ability to operate on a blended energy source, lowering total coal demand by up to 14%, total CO2 output by up to 11%, and reducing ash accumulation by up to 4%.
  • The ability to reduce water losses in the cooling circuit
  • The ability to recover high quality water for use as boiler feedwater or other high value applications
  • A business case driver for upgrading to higher efficiency, modernised, black coal based boiler systems, significantly improving overall efficiencies

To Black Coal power plants:

  • Opening up of new and alternative sources of coal, improving energy security
  • The ability to secure greater control over input costs

To Coal traders:

  • New sources of coal for the global seaborne coal trade
  • The ability to secure long term contracts for coal supply

To Coal Chemical (Coal to Liquids, Urea, Char, Gasification, etc) plants:

  • A lower cost approach to dewatering valuable input materials
  • Retention of all-important volatile matter
  • The ability to obtain higher value output streams from lower cost input streams