The Coldry Product

Coldry: Black Coal Equivalent (BCE)

Coldry BCEColdry is a black coal equivalent, meaning its net energy value is similar in range to that of many black coals.

Key Features

  • Exponentially enhanced net energy content increased up to 285% for 60% moisture Victorian La Trobe Valley Lignite
  • The spontaneous combustion risk of typical Lignite is greatly reduced to that of normal Black Coals
  • Deployable in existing brown coal boilers (10% to 20% of total energy mix), decreasing coal requirements (7% to 14%), reducing emissions (6% to 11%) and reducing ash accumulation (2% to 4%)
  • Provides Business Case drivers for introduction of modernised ultra supercritical (USC) boilers, decreasing coal requirement (up to 48%) and reducing CO2 emissions (up to 40%) compared to existing brown coal power stations
  • Ideal feedstock for downstream processes such as gasification, coal to liquids and other coal derived chemicals


Testing by University of Queensland places Coldry in the same ‘sponaneous combustion’ risk range as thermal (black) coals currently exported from Queensland and NSW. The Coldry process changes the physical and chemical structure to the point it no longer has the same ‘high-risk’ of spontaneously combusting as brown coal.


As a black coal equivalent, the product is valuable and will enjoy the higher prices paid for black coal under certain market conditions. Also, the product attracts lower transportation costs in terms of energy per unit of mass, due to the removal of unnecessary water.


The product is versatile and can serve as a valuable feed stock for power generation including subcritical, supercritical and ultra supercritical black coal boilers, and gasification based chemical and fertiliser production processes.

Coldry pellets can be used in local black coal power plants co-located on brown coal mines or transported over distance to black coal power plants.

Product Test Results