Matmor Overview

Since the advent of coke based iron production in 1709, primary iron making has relied on high quality black coal as its reductant and heat source. The MATMOR process is positioned to revolutionise primary iron making thanks to the design of our simple, low cost, low emission, patented MATMOR retort using cheaper, alternative raw materials.

MATMOR comprises two exclusive facets:

  1. Inputs – It uses brown coal (lignite) as a reductant and heat source – no other technology can claim this
  2. Plant Design – It employs our unique MATMOR retort – a vertical furnace that works with the natural chemistry of brown coal

The Process

MATMOR is a unique method for producing high-quality iron from inexpensive, abundant brown coal and iron oxide bearing material such as mill scale, nickel tailings and, of course, high or low grade iron ore… more>>

The Product

The MATMOR Process delivers a clean iron product tailored to the size/shape and carbon content requirements of the end user. MATMOR iron is a high-quality substitute for, or supplement to, scrap metal feedstock used in Electric Arc or Induction Furnaces… more>>